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Why not use GraphQL?

Jens Neuse

Jens Neuse

Founder @ wundergraph

I think GraphQL will change the world. There will be a future where you can query any system in the world using GraphQL. I'm building this future. So why would I argue against using GraphQL? My personal pet peeve is when the community keeps advertising benefits of GraphQL that are very generic and really have nothing to do with GraphQL. If we want to drive adoption, we should be honest and take off the rose-tinted glasses. This post is a response to "Why use GraphQL" by Kyle Schrade (https://www.apollographql.com/blog/why-use-graphql/). It’s not meant to be direct criticism. The article is just an excellent base to work with as it represents opinions I keep hearing a lot in the community. If you read the whole article, it’ll take some time, you’ll fully understand why I think Kyle’s article should be named “Why use Apollo”.