WunderGraph Cloud
The best alternative to Apollo GraphOS

WunderGraph gives developers a superior developer experience, empowering them to ship and iterate faster. Manage and scale any API with ease, not just GraphQL.

Beyond just Apollo Federation

WunderGraph supports not just Apollo Federation, but also monolithic GraphQL setups, REST APIs, streaming services like Kafka and more.

Monitoring and observability

Get distributed tracing, error tracking, monitoring and alerting from edge to origin, all in one place.

Any cloud, infinite possibilities

Use WunderGraph Cloud, hybrid with kubernetes (k8s) or deploy completely on-premise.

Serverless API Gateway deployments in seconds

WunderGraph Cloud provides a dedicated build environment per project, enabling isolated Serverless deployments in as little as 13 seconds.

Single tenant globally distributed architecture

Compared to Apollo GraphOS, WunderGraph cloud allows you to deploy API Gateways globally in seconds with 100% customizability and isolation. No noisy neighbors, no shared resources.

Serverless but without the limitations

Don't worry about cold starts, memory limits or other limitations of serverless, but still benefit from the cost savings and scalability.

The best Developer Experience for customization

Your WunderGraph deployment can easily be customized using TypeScript, like adding authorization logic, transforming data, or filtering the exposed schema.

Don't expose your Graph if you don't have to

Most GraphQL APIs are only used internally by the same company. WunderGraph's architecture automatically hides your Graph from the outside world, mitigating security risks and improving performance.

Exposing a Graph is a huge security risk

Exposing a GraphQL API to the public internet opens up endless attack vectors, which requires you to put middlewares in front of the Graph for validation, complexity analysis, normalization, rate limiting, etc.

Compile time JSON-RPC is the best of both worlds

Instead of playing cat and mouse with attackers, WunderGraph compiles GraphQL Operations to JSON-RPC at build time, reducing the attack surface to a minimum, while also improving the performance as a side effect.

End-to-end type safety as a bi-product

As a bi-product of the JSON-RPC compilation, WunderGraph also generates type-safe clients for various frameworks like React, NextJS, Svelte and more, giving Developers a end-to-end type-safe experience out of the box.

WunderGraph Cloud provides a platform as a service (PaaS) to integrate your data sources and expose fully secured APIs. It's more flexible, developer-oriented and cost-effective than Hasura.

Unlimited team size

We ecnourage bringing more users on board to collaborate on your projects, which is why there is no limit on seats.


Preview environments allow you to deploy multiple branches, or to reflect your deployment process from staging to production.

Custom logic

There is no limit on custom code you can add to your instance. Whatever it is you're building, deploy your functions on WunderGraph cloud.

GitOps Workflow

WunderGraph perfectly ties into your existing workflow. Deploy on every commit, preview on every pull request.

Observability with OTEL

End-to-end observability from edge to origin. Trace requests across multiple services with OpenTelemetry (OTEL).

Dedicated build environments

Dedicated build environments per project empower developers to ship faster and more often.

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