How much should you invest to get the best Developer Experience?

WunderGraph's Infrastructure-as-Code and GitOps driven approach to managing and integrating APIs gives Developers an unparalleled Experience and Speed of Delivery. API Gateways are a dime a dozen, we're enabling Developers to focus on value creation.


Per project per month



  • For non-commercial & hobby sites
  • 100% Open Source, Runs locally on your machine
  • Deploy from a single branch
  • Deploy from CLI or personal git integrations
  • Built-in CI/CD
  • Automatic HTTPS/SSL
  • WunderHub API Registry
  • Community Support


Per project per month



  • For startups & small teams
  • Up to 10M requests
  • Deploy from 2 branches
  • Custom domain
  • Edge Caching available
  • Email support


custom Pricing

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  • Previews for every git push
  • Unlimited branches
  • Advanced observability & analytics
  • Backwards compatible APIs
  • Designated Slack channel & SLAs
  • Self-Hosted support
All plans include Bandwidth, Builds, and Serverless Function Execution subject to our Fair Use Policy.



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