Enterprise-Grade Firebase Alternative

Turn your existing Databases, REST & GraphQL APIs into your own private Backend as a Service in Minutes.

Dedicated to those who want a Firebase-like experience but using their own infrastructure and Services.

Built on top of standards like GraphQL, OpenAPI, OpenID Connect, S3 file Storage.

Faster Time to Market and lower Total Cost of Ownership without sacrificing data sovereignty.

Strong focus on Security and ease of use, delivering the perfect Developer Experience.

Try locally in 1 Minute, it's free!
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What the Community is saying about WunderGraph

My favourite thing about WunderGraph is the programmatic approach — you can configure everything with its SDK. For me, as a TypeScript fan, it was thrilling to work with the type-safe client! I'm super excited about this project — apart from providing you with a GraphQL API from all your services (both GraphQL and REST!) and databases, it also comes with features like edge caching, authentication subscriptions, and many, many more!

Alexandra Sikora

Software Developer

Using WunderGraph right now is like using React in 2013 -- you just know it's going to change the way we develop applications forever. The type-safe client is light-years away from any other and the developer experience from its virtual graphs (with caching, authentication, and subscriptions all out of the box) is a joy to work with. Any reason you were not using GraphQL before is paid its due attention and solved in WunderGraph.

Guido Curcio

Software Developer, early member of the GraphQL Community

Faster Time to Market and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

With WunderGraph, you're able to focus on what matters, your domain, business logic and the experience you're delivering to your users.

Everything else can be handled by the WunderGraph Engine with its virtual Graph, the generated client and our ready to use integrations with OpenID Connect, S3 file Storage, Databases and APIs.

Are you manually integrating APIs, adding API clients to your frontend application, building a Backend for Frontend (BFF) to improve your API experience, integrating with an identity provider, securing your APIs?

Let's cut your Total Cost of Ownership to 1/10 and help you get to market in days, not months.

WunderGraph architecture comparison vs. a custom built solution

How WunderGraph reduces your Time to Market

Every Web Application needs some very basic features like authenticating users, authorization, securely calling APIs, handling file uploads and more. These are the features that Backend as a Service providers like Firebase provide out of the box. The tradeoff is that you're then forced into the Ecosystem of the BaaS Provider. With WunderGraph, you get the same Developer Experience and Speed of Development while being fully Backend agnostic. You can generate APIs in minutes or plug in your custom REST or GraphQL API, you still get the same Developer Experience.

How WunderGraph reduces your Total Cost of Ownership to 1/10

WunderGraph gives you 100% control of the business logic and your data, all while you don't have to implement and maintain the "repetitive" part of Web Applications. Making APIs Secure, Implementing Authentication using OpenID Connect, uploading files using S3 file Storage are just a few problems you and your team shouldn't worry about. We give you a powerful base-layer so you can focus on the important bits.

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WunderGraph DataSources

Instant Realtime APIs for any DataSource

Server-side polling with efficient deduplication combined with client-side streaming gives you an instant realtime API for any DataSource.

10x faster Development Workflow

Add your API dependencies, write a GraphQL Operation, run the Code-Generator. Focus on what matters: Business logic and tweaking the UI.

Strong focus on DX

By writing a single GraphQL Operation, you can generate a complete set of frontend components up until forms with JSON Schema validation, authentication and authorization.

End-to-End type safety

The "virtual GraphQL schema" gives you end-to-end type-safety across all DataSources with JSON Schema definitions for all Operations.

Built-in Security

Our unique architecture allows to transparently remove GraphQL from the runtime, making your APIs more secure and performant.

Infrastructure as Code

WunderGraph comes with a TypeScript SDK so that you can configure authentication, authorization, caching, etc. in a type-safe way.

One minute Quickstart

Run the WunderGraph NextJS demo on your local machine to see it in action.

yarn global add @wundergraph/wunderctl@latest
mkdir wg-demo && cd wg-demo
wunderctl init --template nextjs-starter
yarn && yarn dev

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