Instant Realtime APIs for NextJS

Build production-ready NextJS apps in minutes. Out of the box Authentication, Authorization, Caching & Realtime APIs. Save thousands of lines of boilerplate, ship faster and get things done.

WunderGraph Architecture Overview

Connect any DataSource

Turn any Service, API or Database into a Realtime API in seconds. Skip the middleware layer, complex transformations or duct taping and go straight to productivity.

10x faster Development

Save time by skipping thousands of lines of boring boilerplate code. Focus on what really matters and ship faster to your users.

Strong focus on DX

We're using WunderGraph to build WunderGraph. Our main focus is to constantly optimize the Developer Experience to make sure nobody has to waste their time on repetitive tasks.

End-to-End type safety

Are you also annoyed by declaring types and transformations multiple times across the stack? We give you end-to-end type safety to help you get more productive.

The easiest way to build secure apps

We've abstracted away the complexity of implementing Authentication & Authorization. Apps built with WunderGraph are secure out of the box. You can setup auth in 1 Minute.

Zero Ops

WunderGraph is designed to be easy to handle and very low touch. You can get to production in minutes. From there on, you should expect almost no maintenance.

One minute Quickstart

Run the WunderGraph NextJS demo on your local machine to see it in action.

yarn global add @wundergraph/wunderctl@latest
mkdir wg-demo && cd wg-demo
wunderctl init --template nextjs-starter
yarn && yarn dev

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