Let's make Cloud easy again.Together.

The complexity of cloud services is overwhelming. While servers have been abstracted away, we still need to spend an immense amount of time integrating services and solving repetitive issues (Queues, Webhooks, API-Integration, Persistence, Observability, CD/CI, etc...). It's costly and error-prone.

We believe that there's a better way! We want to let engineers be engineers again. Let them focus on what they love to do. With your help, we'll build a zero-ops Cloud Platform as a Service: Infraless. Don't touch infra again. If it works on localhost, it works in the Cloud.

What makes us tick?

Slow growth is the new fast

WunderGraph is about doing the right thing that will pay off in the long run. We're not trying hard to become popular overnight


We don't compromise on quality. We design and architect our features carefully to build and maintain the best possible Developer Experience.

Contrarian & Opinionated

We're not here to please people or to follow the crowd. We have strong opinions on how to improve the DX of the Cloud and don't hesitate to question the status quo.

Let engineers be engineers again

Our goal is to let engineers focus on being engineers again by abstracting away the complexity of Cloud, Continuous Integration, Deployments, and Infrastructure Management.

Region: World

Meaningful work can be done from anywhere. We're a fully remote company, no office, no HQ. What matters are the results, not the hours you put in or where you're located.

The next one could be you!

Don’t Worry, Work Happy

Flexible Working Style

We are in a 100% asynchronous remote work environment with teammates from different time zones across the world. Work when you work best.

Work Life Balance

We offer an open vacation policy with a recommended 4-weeks per year. Take care of yourself. Recharge whenever you need.

Home Office

To create the best tools for developers, you’ll need to build out your home office. Use the equipment that allows you work best with our generous office stipend.

Never Stop Learning

We will accelerate your career with mentorship opportunities and a yearly learning allowance. Build your network by attending events with us.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our biggest asset is, our team is from all over the world. We have cultivated a culture of inclusion where everyone is heard and respected.

Personal Connections

We are a remote first country distributed across the globe, but we love to get together and meet. Meet your coworkers at annual team offsets and all hands.

Open Positions

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Full time



We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer who will be responsible for the overall development of our core WunderGraph engine.

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