Cosmo GraphQL Router

The Cosmo Enterprise Router is the most advanced GraphQL Router on the market, specifically designed to meet strict security, compliance, performance and observability requirements.
Virtual Graph

Fast and secure

Performance and Reliability

With Rate Limiting, Caching and Ludicrous Mode (Singleflight), Cosmo Router is the most performant and reliable GraphQL Router / API Gateway on the market


better P99 latency and more requests per second than Apollo Router

Deliver raw performance with the Cosmo Router

  • Native High-Performance Query Execution Planner written in Go with Caching.

  • Dataloader 3.0, enabling ahead of time batch optimizations through its breadth-first execution strategy.

  • AST-JSON based result merging for maximum performance and minimal memory of the Resolver.

  • Single-Flight for Query Execution Planning and data-fetching to avoid duplicate work and reduce latency.

P99 Latency

Cosmo Router
Apollo Router
Apollo Gateway

Lower is better

Requests Per Second

Cosmo Router
Apollo Router
Apollo Gateway

Higher is better

Advanced Request Tracing (ART)

Use the GraphQL Playground++ to trace and analyze how the Router processes your requests.


Cosmo Exclusive

Event Driven Federated Subscriptions enables you to build highly scalable and resource-efficient graphs

Cosmo Router for AWS Lambda

Achieve fast cold-starts, low latency and minimal operational overhead with the Cosmo Router for AWS Lambda.

Battle-tested and secure

Security and Compliance

With Persisted Operations and Field-Level Authorization, Cosmo Router ensures that your GraphQL API is secure and fulfills the most demanding compliance requirements

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Persisted Operations (Persisted Queries)

Persisted operations, also known as trusted documents or persisted Queries, allow you to register GraphQL Operations in the Router enabling the clients to send just an identifier in their request instead of sending the whole operation body.


Field-Level Authorization

Authorization directives can be used in your schema to define granular authorization rules on the field definition level.


Easy to integrate and operate

Observability and Operations

With Runtime Health Metrics, Multi OTEL Exporter Support as well as Prometheus Support, Cosmo Router is easy to integrate into existing architectures and easy to operate

Federation v1 and v2 Compatible

Cosmo Router and the Cosmo Composition tooling are fully with GraphQL Federation v1 and v2.


Support for OTEL & Prometheus

Cosmo Router integrates perfectly into your existing observability stack with support for OpenTelemetry and Prometheus.


Authentication & Authorization

Secure your GraphQL API with JWKS and JWT based authentication and field-based authorization Directives.


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