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GraphQL: The hidden Champion of Postman's State of the API 2021

Published: 2021-11-04
Jens Neuse

Jens Neuse, CEO & Founder of WunderGraph

GraphQL shows strong growth, has the largest percentage of users who love it and is the only API Specification amongst future technologies that Developers are Excited about.


SpecificationUse it
JSON Schema76%
Swagger 2.044%
OpenAPI 3.028%


SpecificationUse itUse it and love It
JSON Schema77%27%
Swagger 2.054%16%
OpenAPI 3.039%12%


JSON Schema+1.3%
Swagger 2.0+22.7%
OpenAPI 3.0+39.2%


JSON Schema35%
Swagger 2.030%
OpenAPI 3.030%

Future Technologies 2020#

SpecificationExcited about
Serverless Architecture39%

Future Technologies 2021#

Serverless Architecture44%


SpecificationUse itUse it and love It
JSON Schema80%30%
Swagger 2.060%20%
OpenAPI 3.051%20%
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This is a curated list of articles that I think you'll find interesting.

  • In the WunderHub Announcement, I talk about how WunderHub will change the way we share and collaborate on APIs. It allows you to share APIs like npm packages.
  • How automating API integrations benefits your business is dedicated to C-level executives who want to learn more about the business benefits of automating API integrations.
  • Another interesting topic is to JOIN APIs without Schema Stitching or Federation, just by using a single GraphQL Operation
  • For those interested in the most common GraphQL Security vulnerabilities, I suggest to read about them and how WunderGraph helps you to avoid them.
  • A classic post but still relevant is I believe that GraphQL is not meant to be exposed over the Internet. It's a controversial topic and many misunderstand it. But think about it, why is HTTP not mentioned a single time in the GraphQL specification?
  • One very common problem of using GraphQL is the Double Declaration Problem, the problem of declaring your types over and over again. This post explains that it's even more complicated than just double declaration and how we can solve it.
  • The Fusion of GraphQL REST and HTTP/2 is a very long post, probably too long for a blog post. But if you're interested in a deep dive on the motivations behind creating WunderGraph, this is the post for you.
About the Author
Jens Neuse

Jens Neuse, CEO & Founder of WunderGraph

Jens has experience in building native apps for iOS and Android, built hybrid apps with Xamarin, React Native and Flutter, worked on backends using PHP, Java and Go. He's been in roles ranging from development to architecture and led smaller and larger engineering teams.

Throughout his whole career he realized that working with APIs is way too complicated, repetitive and needs a lot more standardization and automation. That's why he started WunderGraph, to make usage of APIs and collaboration through APIs easier.

He believes that businesses of the future will be built on top of collaborative systems that are connected through APIs. Making usage, exploration, sharing and collaboration with and through APIs easier is key to achieve this goal.

Follow and connect with Jens to exchange ideas or simply participate in his feed of thoughts.




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