Apollo Federation v2 compatible OSS licensed Gateway coming to WunderGraph

Jens Neuse

Jens Neuse

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Today, we're excited to announce that we're partnering with YC-backed Tailor Technologies, Inc. to implement Apollo Federation v2. The implementation will be MIT licensed (Engine) and Apache 2.0 licensed (Gateway). We're already supporting Apollo Federation v1 with our Golang-based Engine and Gateway, and we're happy to have found a partner to support Federation v2 as well.

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Who is Tailor and why did they choose WunderGraph?

Tailor is revolutionizing the way we approach Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software by providing a composable headless ERP with ERP generation platform. Its fundamental aim is to empower developers and product managers to design and implement robust internal tools without the need to commit extensive time and effort to code.

By utilizing a simple yet powerful interface, Tailor allows you to generate custom APIs complete with a GraphQL Playground, all with a straightforward configuration. Coupled with its capacity to enhance the operational capability, reduce cost, and fit perfectly within operationally intensive businesses, Tailor is an essential tool for any developer seeking to redefine their approach to ERP systems.

We are delighted to be partnering with WunderGraph! We strongly believe in the immense potential of GraphQL, and are eager to contribute to and invest in its growth and development.

Among the various products available, we are particularly interested in and excited about WunderGraph, which leverages Golang to develop GraphQL Federation. We have been actively using it at Tailor and look forward to further strengthening our relationship through this partnership. It is truly remarkable to see the possibilities expand not just within the primarily used Node.js ecosystem, but also within the GoLang ecosystem. Join us as we embark on this collaborative journey towards harnessing the full potential of GraphQL and fostering innovation within the industry!

Misato Takahashi, CTO at Tailor Technologies, Inc.

With Tailor, we're happy to have found an active design partner to further improve the Open Source GraphQL ecosystem.

What does this mean for WunderGraph and the GraphQL Open Source Ecosystem?

I've started the Golang-based "Engine" powering WunderGraph many years ago as a side project. It's now being used by many API and GraphQL tooling providers as well as enterprises to build GraphQL infrastructure, Middleware and API Gateways.

We were one of the first to implement @defer and @stream in a GraphQL execution engine, long before it was actively discussed in RFCs. Similarly, our MIT licensed Engine supported Apollo Federation v1 very early on. We were especially proud that we were able to support Subscriptions over Websockets and SSE long before Apollo supported it.

However, when it comes to Federation v2, I was hesitant to make the investment to implement it, simply because I didn't see enough demand for it and wanted to wait until the specification stabilizes.

Since then, things have changed a lot. The Federation v2 specification seems to be quite stable now. In addition, Apollo moved away from Open Source and changed their licenses. This has led to a lot of confusion and frustration in the GraphQL community, and more and more companies are looking for alternatives.

Eventually, Tailor approached us and made the decision easy for us. Together we're going to implement the necessary tooling to support Apollo Federation v2 schema composition as well as extending our Engine / Gateway.

For WunderGraph, this means another powerful use case for our API tooling. For the GraphQL Open Source ecosystem, this means that you'll soon have more options to choose from when it comes to composing and running federated GraphQL APIs.

Talk to us if you're interested in Federation v2 as well

Now is a great time to talk to us if you're interested in Federation v2. If your company is looking for a powerful and flexible BFF / API Gateway solution supporting GraphQL, Federation v1 and v2, REST/OpenAPI, SOAP, and more, get in touch with us.

WunderGraph is fully Open Source, can easily be extended with TypeScript, and comes with powerful integrations for your favorite tools like Relay , Vite , NextJS , SvelteKit , Remix , Nuxt , Astro , Expo , and more.

Why we're betting so big on Open Source

We've made the decision to Open Source our core technology from the very beginning. We believe that Open Source has huge benefits for everyone involved:

  • everyone can understand the technology much more easily
  • you don't need to create a support ticket for every little thing
  • you can have way more trust in the implementation
  • many skilled developers from the community contribute to the project

Overall, we see Open Source as a great success and also a funnel for new customers. Companies like Tailor are a great example of this. Their core business is not to build a GraphQL Engine or API Gateway.

Are you looking for a Job? We're hiring!

While we're at it, did you know that we're growing our Engine Team? As the "Engine" is the backbone of WunderGraph, we're looking for a Senior Golang Developer to join the team to help us build the best GraphQL Engine out there.

This is an exciting opportunity for Developers who don't want to create Web Applications or Microservices all the time, but rather dive deep into the topic of GraphQL, API Gateways, AST transformations, parsers, compilers, and more.

If you've got experience in the field and are fluent in Golang, we'd love to hear from you!