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Björn Schwenzer

Björn Schwenzer

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WunderGraph Cloud Waitlist

Before we get into the blog post. WunderGraph Cloud is being released very soon. We’re looking for Alpha and Beta testers for WunderGraph Cloud.

Testers will receive access to WunderGraph Cloud and 3 months Cloud Pro for free.

Since people really seem to like our build in public strategy and the weekly show & tell video sessions , we decided to take this concept one step further and talk about WunderGraph as a whole. Our goal is to apply the “build in public” principle to our company building process as well: shedding some light on the challenges we meet, the experiences we made, and potential advice we can share.

We also stick to the “uncut, unedited” rule, even though it makes for some decently goofy moments. :) It shows that we’re human, though; that we make mistakes. and that we don’t know the answer to everything. So if you’re looking for know-it-alls who sell you the eternal wisdom of foundership, you’ll have to keep looking. If you’re up for a conversational format on what’s happening in a tech start-up, that’s what we’ll try to deliver in an entertaining yet concise format.

You’ll find our episodes in our YouTube channel . We plan to release a new episode roughly every week (time permitting — we’re building WunderGraph Cloud, remember :) ) Please make sure to activate alerts so you’ll be notified of any new content,

and of course feel free to comment – we would like to know if you think this is valuable or if you’d like us to talk about some specific topic of interest.

The first episode is about how it all began. Upcoming episodes, in no particular order, will cover things like hiring horrors, fundraising fun, war zone work, or coordination challenges (please kindly note the nice alliterations there). Stay tuned!

Episode guide: Season 1 (January 2023 - )

  • Episode 1: How it all began
  • Episode 2: Building a team
  • Episode 3: Hunting for funding
  • Episode 4: Working in a war zone
  • Episode 5: Something to believe in
  • Episode 6: The Master of Cloud (MoC)

WunderGraph Cloud Early Access

Are you ready for the next generation of Serverless Infraless API Development? Join the waitlist for WunderGraph Cloud Early Access and be the first to try it out!