You want GraphQL federation, but Apollo GraphOS is too inflexible, slow and costly for you?

Cosmo: on-prem, drop-in Apollo GraphOS alternative

Lift & shift to Cosmo in a day, without service interruptions.
Break the vendor lock-in

Cosmo is fully open-source

Cosmo meets your Federation needs

You already know what’s needed to run GraphQL federation, and Cosmo has it all. Every important feature is included, and thanks to Cosmo’s superior architecture, you will enjoy better performance and customizability.
Most importantly, you have complete freedom where to run Cosmo: on-prem and fully under your control, as managed service, or in hybrid mode (e.g. schema registry hosted, Router and Studio on your infrastructure).
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  • GraphQL

    Cosmo Router: implements GraphQL Federation v1 and v2, playground included

  • Cosmo CLI: programming interface (think Rover)

  • Cosmo Studio: UI to explore and manage your graphs, access comprehensive analytics and traces

  • Changelog and schema explorer

  • Schema checks to automatically detect breaking changes

  • Run it on-prem or as managed service

Developer experience matters to professionals.

Built for Developers and DevOps engineers

Stay upto date on all the latest schema changes with the changelog

Replacing Apollo GraphOS with WunderGraph Cosmo is fast & easy.

Try our automatic migration and get set up in seconds

Lift & shift on autopilot

Our automatic migration script takes just a few seconds to set up your graphs in Cosmo. Try it out for free: just click the button below, sign up for Cosmo, and give the platform a spin. If you run into edge cases, we're here to help.
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    Create a free Cosmo account

  • 2

    Enter your Graph API key (will not be stored)

  • 3

    Publish your subgraphs - that’s it, you’re done!

Built-in compliance and full flexibilityFeatures that help you
focus on things that matter

Maximized compliance

You have complete autonomy over where to run all the components, including Studio, Control Plane, and Router. This empowers you to adopt GraphQL while adhering to strict data regulation policies.

Schema checks

Detect breaking changes before they affect your federated graph. Use our Github action for automated schema checks on every pull request.

OTEL compatibility

Use your existing OTEL stack and push data from your subgraphs and services to Cosmo. Combined with distributed tracing, it allows you to build a unified view on the entire request / response journey.

ClickHouse & Postgres compatibility

Cosmo relies on ClickHouse for analytical data and Postgres for storing everything else. You can connect your own cluster or use a database provider like ClickHouse Cloud and Neon to offload the most complex parts of the stack.

Unlimited customizability

Customize your router by writing a few lines of Go code and compiling it with a single command. This ensures full flexibility and easy debugging in the Go ecosystem rather than just working with scripts.

Kubernetes ready

We provide a Helm Chart and Terraform module to deploy a production-grade version of the Cosmo Platform to any Kubernetes distribution on Google, AWS or Azure.

Designed for the best for performance and unlimited customizability.


Understand how and by whom your graph is consumed, monitor usage and track down potential performance and latency issues. Unlimited data retention for analytics and audit logs.


There is no limit to the number of federated graphs and subgraphs; all components are horizontally scalable. Use the labeling engine to organize and compose subgraphs from multiple teams and environments.

One stack for best performance

All components have been built alongside each other allowing for an unparalleled developer experience and high performance.

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