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Instantly create GraphQL and REST APIs for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, SQLServer, MongoDB & more...
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Think Firebase, but without vendor lock-in

Why limit yourself to a specific database? WunderGraph supports a broad range of databases and does not force you to change your stack.

Code-first makes it easy to customize your API

From introspecting your database to adding custom business logic, it's all done in code. The type-safe TypeScript API makes customizing your API a breeze.

Use auto-generated clients to expose data securely

Use the auto-generated clients to integrate your favourite frontend framework or share the generated SDK with another team or your customers.

Take it a whole leap further than just a Database API

A database API is really just the beginning. Add your favourite GraphQL and REST APIs to the mix and get a unified API across all of them, making API integration a breeze.

Build faster by adding your favorite APIs

Use WunderGraph to introspect APIs for authentication, payment, storage or other services with a single command. It's as easy as building with Lego bricks!

The Virtual Graph abstracts your data sources

Never worry about the source of your data again - the Virtual Graph provides access to all data in a fast and type-safe way.

Powerful TypeScript middleware

Easily write your own middleware with TypeScript, customize authentication, authorization and more.


Build a perfect backend for frontend (BFF)

WunderGraph decouples your backend (database) from your frontend. Leverage this to build a dedicated backend for your frontends! WunderGraph provides integrations with common frontend frameworks and libraries to make this easier than ever before.

Supercharge your frontend

By providing a dedicated backend for your frontends, you only expose what you need in a way that is most compatible with your frontend code. This results in a much better performance for your users.

Low maintenance effort, high robustness

A dedicated BFF is easier to maintain and customize than a complex monolith. It also prevents side-effects on other implementations if you change something.

APIs as dependencies save you a lot of headaches

Since we handle APIs as dependencies, you will easily see where and how you use data from APIs. Potential issues with faulty APIs will be easy to track and fix.

WunderGraph will give superpowers to you and your database, empowering you to build faster and more flexible than ever before. And if you don't want to worry about infrastructure to deploy your integrations, check out WunderGraph Cloud!

Easy to get started

Set up WunderGraph in one minute, connect your database and auto-generate the instant database API. Done!

Local or serverless

Run your integrations on your local machine, hybrid in your existing cloud infrastructure, or as a serverless instance on WunderGraph Cloud.

WunderGraph Cloud advantages

By deploying with WunderGraph Cloud, you get access to code templates, ready-made integrations, previews, distributed tracing and more!

Fully transparency thanks to Open Source

As OSS, WunderGraph benefits from the contributions of a lively community and is not a black box.

Full control over what you expose

Your database is a security hotspot and must be handled with caution. WunderGraph makes sure that you decide what you expose.

Get help when you need it

Thanks to our Discord and Community, help is just a post away. Support plans for complex projects are available, too.

Let's talk

Share your use case and find out how WunderGraph can help you beyond adding an API to your database.

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