WunderGraph Cosmo List of Data Sub-Processors

Last modified: February 14th, 2024

Data Sub-Processors

WunderGraph relies on the third-party entities listed below and referred to as "sub-processors", to process data on behalf of WunderGraph Cosmo Managed Service customers and in accordance with contractual terms between WunderGraph, Inc. and the sub-processor to uphold WunderGraph's commitments as stated in WunderGraph's Data Processing Addendum ("DPA").

WunderGraph conducts yearly audits of these sub-processors and, if required, performs transfer impact assessments for any cross-border data transfers, adhering to relevant data protection laws.

WunderGraph requires its sub-processors to establish and maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures ("TOM") to ensure that data processed by the sub-processor is protected as required by applicable data protection laws.

Each sub-processor will process data for the duration of use of WunderGraph Cosmo Managed Service by the customer, and for the data retention periods defined by (i) the selected Cosmo subscription plan; or (ii) the applicable Cosmo order form, and as legally required.

Note: data exchanged between customer and WunderGraph based on the use of Cosmo Managed Service is limited to request metadata only, which does not contain any potentially sensitive request payload information.

Sub-Processor List

Sub-ProcessorProcessing PurposeCategories of DataLocation of Processing*Comments
Google, Inc. Cloud Platform (GCP)Application databaseAll application data except login credentials, anayltics and telemetry.U.S.A.Encrypted at rest, in transit
ClickHouse, Inc.Cloud data warehouseRequest metdadata for analytics and tracingU.S.A.Encrypted at rest, in transit
Cloud-IAM Société par Actions SimplifiéeKeycloak identity managementUser login credentialsU.S.A.Never shared with WunderGraph
Cloudflare, Ltd.File storage, Content Delivery NetworkRouter configurationProcessed in the data center closest to the userEncrypted at rest, in transit
VercelFrontend hostingAll (aggregated) data served by Cosmo through the user interfaceProcessed in the data center closest to the userTechnically data is not "processed", just displayed as a web page
WunderGraph Technologies GmbHAdministration, supportFinancial data, account and usage information and stored data needed for troubleshootingU.S.A.No local services used

*Location of processing may differ based on customer's express requirements.