The easiest way to build Backends for Frontends (BFFs)

WunderGraph blurs the line between Backend and API Gateway, building a powerful foundation to build BFFs.

API Composition made easy

WunderGraph treats APIs like dependencies. Compose multiple APIs into a Backend for Frontend, as simple as adding a dependency to your package.json file.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Building a BFF requires a lot of boilerplate, and most frameworks are not designed to build BFFs. WunderGraph on the other hand is designed from the ground up to excel in the Middleware layer.

A Workflow to iterate fast

Super fast deployments allow you to spin up lightweight environments and iterate fast. Every commit results in a preview deployment. Drastically improving the development process.

End-to-end Type-safety from Origin to Frontend

WunderGraph never compromises on type-safety. From the configuration of your BFF, to Middleware and generated clients, everything is type-safe.

The power of DataSource Introspection

WunderGraph introspect any data source, like GraphQL, OpenAPI, or even a database and automatically generates a type-safe API for you, making API composition a breeze.

Type-Safe Hooks & API Operations

Thanks to Introspection, you can easily extend your BFF with TypeScript hooks and custom API Operations, all fully type-safe. Never guess what the API expects again.

Generated TypeScript Clients

WunderGraph generates type-safe integrations for data fetching libraries like SWR and Tanstack Query as well as Frameworks like NextJS, React, Svelte, SolidJS and more.

React Query

Empowering Developers to ship & iterate fast

WunderGraph unblocks developers by allowing them to ship to production within minutes, and iterate from there on as fast as possible.

Templates to get started fast

Get started as fast as possible with a collection of templates for NextJS, Remix, Svelte, SolidJS, Vite and more.

Frontend Hosting Integrations

Integrations with Vercel, Netlify and more allow you to deploy your Fullstack Application in minutes. Configuration between providers is fully automated.

Powerful monitoring & distributed tracing

Move fast and don't break things. WunderGraph gives your Analytics and Monitoring from Edge to Origin, allowing you to monitor your BFF and the APIs it composes.


Everything in WunderGraph is cutomizable with TypeScript.
No more complicated slow dashboards,
just write code and commit.

Input validation

Add custom input validation logic before executing requests.


Add custom authorization logic before executing requests.

One-time tokens

Inject one-time-use tokens into origin requests.

Custom headers

Adding custom headers to requests.

Response rewriting

Rewrite responses, fetch additional data.

Custom logic

Run custom logic inside TypeScript operations.

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