Serverless Apollo Federation Gateway at any scale

WunderGraph is a powerful open source GraphQL API Gateway with support for Apollo Federation. Deploy in a single data center or globally with just a few clicks.

High Performance GraphQL Compiler Architecture

The WunderGraph AOT (Ahead of Time) Compiler compiles GraphQL Operations into efficient code at build time, reducing the runtime overhead to a minimum and allowing for extreme performance.

Subscriptions & Live Queries

WunderGraph comes with out-of-the-box support for GraphQL Subscriptions and Live Queries. Subscribe to your Subgraphs and receive real-time updates over HTTP/2 streams, no changes to your Subgraphs required.

Fully customizable with TypeScript

While the high performance Gateway is written in Go, you can easily extend it with custom authentication, authorization and transformation logic using TypeScript, the most widely adopted programming language among web developers.

A powerful API Gateway for Apollo Federation, GraphQL, OpenAPI and more

Federation is great when you have control over all services. WunderGraph goes beyond this by making 3rd party API integrations a first-class citizen as well.

Apache 2.0 & MIT licensed

Contrary to Apollo, we believe that Open Source is the future of building reliable and secure software. Together with the community, we're building the future of API Gateways and GraphQL.

Battle-tested in production

WunderGraph is used by companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We're proud to be part of the API ecosystem.

Compose any API, not just GraphQL

WunderGraph is not limited to GraphQL or Apollo Federation. You can compose any API, including REST through OpenAPI, or even databases into a single unified Graph.


Beyond just proxying requests to subgraphs

WunderGraph blurs the line between Backend for Frontend and API Gateway, empowering Developers to add custom logic to the middleware layer with ease.

Powerful Authentication & Authorization

WunderGraph supports a wide range of authentication and authorization mechanisms, like Role Based Access Control (RBAC) with OpenID Connec. Add custom access policies using TypeScript.

Global Performance with Edge Caching

WunderGraph's AOT Compiler turns GraphQL Queries into JSON-RPC Endpoints. Together with Heimdall, WunderGraph's Edge Proxy, you can cache Responses at the Edge to reduce latency and improve performance.

Distributed Tracing from Edge to Subgraph

Know exactly what's going on in your stack. WunderGraph's distributed tracing gives you detailed insights into the performance of your API, including suggestions where to improve.

Everything in WunderGraph is cutomizable with TypeScript.
No more complicated slow dashboards,
just write code and commit.

Input validation

Add custom input validation logic before executing requests.


Add custom authorization logic before executing requests.

One-time tokens

Inject one-time-use tokens into origin requests.

Custom headers

Adding custom headers to requests.

Response rewriting

Rewrite responses, fetch additional data.

Custom logic

Run custom logic inside TypeScript operations.

Let's talk

We'd love to hear about your use-case and how we can help you to take your infrastructure to the next level.

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