Next generation Serverless API Management

Fully isolated environments for every API, extremely fast deployments, and a workflow that keeps you productive. Gone are the days of monolithic API Gateway deployments.

GitOps for your API Gateway

Code is the best way to configure and customize your API Gateway. WunderGraph is built on top of GitOps principles, making it easy to audit and track changes to your API Gateway.

Isolated Previews on all branches

Each API runs in its own isolated environment, allowing you to preview and test your API Gateway changes without affecting your production environment. Fully automated.

The fastest CI/CD ever built

WunderGraph deploys changes to your API Gateway in as little as 13 seconds. Each project gets its own dedicated CI/CD pipeline, allowing you to iterate more frequently and with less effort.

Server-full at the cost of Serverless

Our unique architecture allows us to offer the performance of a dedicated API Gateway at the cost of Serverless.

Sub-second cold starts

WunderGraph is built on top of Firecracker, a lightweight VMM that combines the benefits of tenant isolation and fast startup times.

No Serverless limitations

In contrast to Serverless, our architecture allows you to run any kind of workload with no limitations in terms of request timeouts, etc...

Global deployments in seconds

WunderGraph allows you to deploy your API Gateways globally in up to 21 regions. This allows you to serve your users with the lowest possible latency and cache API responses close to your users.


From Edge to Origin, a hybrid approach

The combination of lightweight edge Proxies and powerful API Gateways allows you to build performant and scalable APIs.

Edge Caching

WunderGraph's edge caching layer allows you to cache API responses close to your users, reducing the load on your API Gateway and Origin. Additionally, we provide a smart cache invalidation mechanism so your users never see stale data.

Distributed tracing from Edge to Origin

In addition to caching, WunderGraph Cloud also provides an OpenTelemetry-based distributed tracing solution, giving you full visibility into your API traffic from Edge to Origin.

API Integration close to the Origin

While it's great to cache API responses close to your users, integrations with multiple round-trips to the Origin have different requirements. WunderGraph's hybrid architecture satisfies both use cases to the fullest.

Everything in WunderGraph is cutomizable with TypeScript.
No more complicated slow dashboards,
just write code and commit.

Input validation

Add custom input validation logic before executing requests.


Add custom authorization logic before executing requests.

One-time tokens

Inject one-time-use tokens into origin requests.

Custom headers

Adding custom headers to requests.

Response rewriting

Rewrite responses, fetch additional data.

Custom logic

Run custom logic inside TypeScript operations.

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