Programmable API Gateway
for the modern age

With WunderGraph, the API Gateway is part of your codebase, fully customizable and blending in with your development process. Build APIs, not complex infrastructure.

API Composition made easy

WunderGraph treats APIs like dependencies. Compose multiple APIs into a Backend for Frontend, as simple as adding a dependency to your package.json file.

Configuration as Code

Configure and customize your API Gateway with TypeScript. Never leave your IDE or switch contexts when building and integrating APIs to keep you productive and focused.

A Workflow to iterate fast

Super fast deployments allow you to spin up lightweight environments and iterate fast. Every commit results in a preview deployment. Drastically improving the development process.

Fast, reliable Open Source API Gateway

WunderGraph is written in Go, battle-tested in production for years and extremely fast through its unique GraphQL Compiler Architecture.

GraphQL Compiler Architecture

By compiling GraphQL Operations into efficient code at build time, WunderGraph is able to exceed the performance of any other GraphQL Server or API Gateway.

Apache 2.0 & MIT licensed

Open Source is the future of building reliable and secure software. Together with the community, we're building the future of API Gateways and GraphQL.

Battle-tested in production

WunderGraph is used by companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We're proud to be part of the API ecosystem.


A superior Architecture to build BFFs

WunderGraph blurs the line between Backend, API Gateway and Frontend, empowering developers to iterate fast and build better APIs.

The invisible API Gateway

By making the API Gateway part of your stack, even during development, WunderGraph blends in with your existing architecture and gets completely out of your way.

End-to-end Type-safety

When defining API Operations, WunderGraph automatically generates a type-safe client for your Frontend that handles Authentication, API Access and file uploads.

Ease of customization

Adding custom hooks, authorization logic, or even custom API Endpoints to your API Gateway has never been easier, it's all just one codebase.

Everything in WunderGraph is cutomizable with TypeScript.
No more complicated slow dashboards,
just write code and commit.

Input validation

Add custom input validation logic before executing requests.


Add custom authorization logic before executing requests.

One-time tokens

Inject one-time-use tokens into origin requests.

Custom headers

Adding custom headers to requests.

Response rewriting

Rewrite responses, fetch additional data.

Custom logic

Run custom logic inside TypeScript operations.

Let's talk

We'd love to hear about your use-case and how we can help you to take your infrastructure to the next level.

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