WunderGraph Cloud Waitlist

Git push Serverless APIs to the Cloud in less than 30 seconds

Our goal with WunderGraph is to make Developers highly productive in building Serverless APIs. So far, we've built an open-source Framework that's designed to be local-first, transparent, and easily debuggable.

To make WunderGraph scalable, we've designed it with GitOps in mind. Everything is configured with TypeScript, allowing individuals and teams to share their configurations and customizations using git.

The next step for us is to automate continuous deployment to the cloud. With WunderGraph Cloud, you can connect your git repositories with a few clicks and deploy them to our Serverless Cloud. Some key features include:

  • Develop locally, deploy to the cloud with git push in less than 30 seconds
  • Custom Domains
  • Edge caching
  • Previews on every git push and Pull Request
  • Serverless all the things
    • WunderGraph API Gateway, fully managed, and highly available
    • SQLite-based Database with Point in Time Recovery
    • TypeSafe Event System with PubSub, Queues, CRON-based Scheduling, and more
    • TypeSafe KeyValue Store
    • OpenID Connect-based Authentication
    • S3-based File Storage
    • Functions for custom business logic

What does "Serverless" in this context mean?

WunderGraph Cloud is built in a way to enable Developers to quickly iterate and build as many APIs as they want. For non production environments, you'll be able to deploy complete stacks for free.

One single TypeScript codebase for all things APIs

With WunderGraph Cloud, you'll be able to define the whole stack in one place. Configure your whole stack with TypeScript and deploy it to the cloud with one command.

Sign up now to get free access until WunderGraph Cloud becomes generally available

Our gift to those who help us build the next generation of Serverless APIs? We're giving you free access until it becomes generally available, join our Discord and directly influence the roadmap.

Next Steps

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