Build application prototypes faster than ever before with WunderGraph Cloud

Choose a template, add your logic and deploy globally in seconds to showcase your prototype. With WunderGraph, you never have to throw away your prototype again.

Outrace your competitors

Before other players have even prepared their development environment, you’ll already be showing your results to your customers.

Wow your customers

Showcase your interactive prototype, along with live data and functionality available through default API integrations.

Delight your developers

No more repetitive tasks: focus on your unique functionality that makes a difference, and leave everything else to WunderGraph.

Turbo-charge your success

With WunderGraph, your teams can deliver more results, faster. Create a competitive advantage in all stages of your Sales process.

Instant head-start with templates

Choose your tech stack and start building. Need a payment provider or a database? Just pick the right template to get started in seconds.

Infrastructure included

Don't worry about where to deploy your code! Everything you need is included. Deploy to your project's custom domain in seconds and see how your services scale with demand.

Automatic integrations

WunderGraph helps your developers to focus on value creation. Repetitve tasks like API integrations are largely automated.


Never throw away your prototype again

WunderGraph's architecture gives you a BaaS on steroids, ensuring fast prototyping but also a solid foundation to turn your prototype into a production-ready application.

Minimize boilerplate code

Through code generation and automatic API integrations, you can focus on your unique business logic and leave everything else to WunderGraph.

Ensure high quality

WunderGraph's architecture ensures high quality standards for security, performance and reliability while getting completely out of your way.

Smooth transition to production

Get from idea to MVP in days and scale to production easily. We've worked backwards from enterprise needs to a great onboarding experience, enabling fast ramp-up and scalability at the same time.

WunderGraph Cloud lets you build a customized prototype of your application quickly. It delivers all you need right out of the box to create an amazing, functional application for your customers that you can also use in production.

Unlimited team size

We ecnourage bringing more users on board to collaborate on your projects, which is why there is no limit on seats.


Preview environments allow you to deploy multiple branches, or to reflect your deployment process from staging to production.

Custom logic

There is no limit on custom code you can add to your instance. Whatever it is you're building, deploy your functions on WunderGraph cloud.

GitOps Workflow

WunderGraph perfectly ties into your existing workflow. Deploy on every commit, preview on every pull request.

Observability with OTEL

End-to-end observability from edge to origin. Trace requests across multiple services with OpenTelemetry (OTEL).

Dedicated build environments

Dedicated build environments per project empower developers to ship faster and more often.

Let's talk

We're here to help. Share your use case and find out how WunderGraph Cloud can support you.

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