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Senior DevOps Engineer - Remote in EMEA

Full time



We are building WunderGraph cloud, the infraless API developer platform. Without a single thought about infrastructure, developers can integrate any back-end in seconds and deploy to production in minutes. The underlying technology makes deployments insanely fast, but at least in this case, we do need to create and maintain a robust infrastructure, so our users don’t have to. :)

This is why we’re hiring a full-time, fully remote

Senior DevOps Engineer - Remote in EMEA

As a DevOps Engineer at WunderGraph, you will be in charge of

  • Helping the team to implement, deploy and maintain the necessary infrastructure
  • Operating and orchestrating our cloud infrastructure
  • Defining adequate monitoring of our cloud services and virtual machines
  • Implementing and deploying measures to make our cloud even more robust, secure and scalable across the globe / on the edge
  • Automating as much as possible
  • Efficient use of our cloud resources (traffic, load, provisioning)
  • Documenting and planning new solutions

What you bring to the table

  • 6+ years of Golang/Node.js full stack development experience with a strong focus on backend development
  • Proven DevOps or SRE work experience (minimum 5 years). Excellent understanding of the web, networking and distributed systems
  • Profound experience with at least one of the major cloud providers is beneficial
  • Excellent communicator (important for a remote team) in English
  • Self-starter with a clear sense of priorities
  • You’re calm and focused when under pressure (e.g., if something goes down and everyone else panics :)
  • Pragmatic when it comes to solutions, adamant when it comes to finding and eliminating issues
  • Strong dislike of overhead with the preference of buying solutions instead of running them ("mind your own business")
  • Passionate about building something the world has never seen together with a small and badass team

Our stack

  • for serverless Firecracker deployments on the edge
  • Terraform Cloud
  • We are users as well as developers of our own product. We use WunderGraph as our BFF (Backend for Frontend).
  • Golang & Temporal to implement workflows
  • Node.js & TypeScript for our SDK, Cloud and WunderGraph middleware
  • Datadog for platform monitoring
  • Grafana Cloud for multi-tenant customer logs, metrics, etc…

Why it’s fun to work at WunderGraph

  • Small, fast-moving team (really nice people!) with team members from 9 countries
  • You can make a difference both with your work and your personality
  • Opportunity to be part of a fantastic engineering culture
  • Build something you love
  • Discretionary PTO
  • Competitive compensation
  • Quarterly team retreats across the globe

Note: This is a full-time, fully remote position. We are looking for someone who is available to work during European business hours.

The Process

  • Intro with our CEO and CTO
  • Culture fit call with the team
  • Reference Check and Offer
We’re looking forward to your application so we can grow together!

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