First Steps

WunderGraph allows you to build secure and performant on-demand APIs using a GitOps first approach.


Your main tool to work with WunderGraph is "wunderctl". You can install it via npm/yarn.

npm install -g @wundergraph/wunderctl
yarn global add @wundergraph/wunderctl

Once you have installed wunderctl, you can initialize a new project.

You can find in-depth docs about wunderctl

Initialize a new Project#

# from your project root
wunderctl init
File written: .wundergraph/package.json
File written: .wundergraph/tsconfig.json
File written: .wundergraph/wundergraph.config.ts

Next, cd into the .wundergraph directory, install the dependencies and start the dev environment.

Start your local dev environment#

cd .wundergraph
yarn # or npm i
yarn develop # or npm run develop

You're now ready to start developing. Read on to learn more about configuring your first WunderGraph application

Once everything is configured to your desires, you're ready to start a local instance of WunderGraph.

wunderctl up