WunderGraph Docs

WunderGraph allows you to leverage the power and flexibility of GraphQL, combined with predictable performance, cacheability and security of REST.

WunderGraph works in three simple steps:

  1. Combine all your APIs (REST,GraphQL,SOAP,Kafka,RabbitMQ,etc.) into a "virtual" GraphQL API.
  2. Write GraphQL Queries against your virtual API
  3. WunderGraph generates REST APIs and typesafe clients for all GraphQL Operations (Queries,Mutations,Subscriptions).

Our hyperfast Serverless GraphQL Engine acts as an API Gateway for all GraphQL Operations, secures them and allows them to be cached.

WunderGraph is a zero touch managed offering, allowing you to deploy your APIs to more than 20 regions across the globe in seconds without worrying about anything.

Just follow the three steps above and focus on your business domain.