WunderGraph Cloud: the best alternative to Hasura Cloud

Lightning fast integrations of databases and APIs in a Cloud that scales with your business. No vendor lock-in.

Switching from Hasura to WunderGraph was a game-changer. The ease of customization with TypeScript Operations, seamless multiple integrations, and simplified permission configuration made it a powerful choice. WunderGraph’s active core team and integrated auth features demonstrate its technical prowess and confidence.

Leonardo Alves
Leonardo AlvesFrontend Developer, CDHA

API Composition made easy

Create a virtual graph of all your data. You don't need an underlying database. Expose secure APIs of any kind automatically.

Don't reinvent the wheel

WunderGraph fits any technology stack and integrates perfectly with your CI/CD pipeline. Deploy to global regions in seconds.

A Workflow to iterate fast

Only pay for build time and traffic. If your instance idles, you don't pay - simple as that, and fully transparent.

WunderGraph Cloud users get more value at less cost

The full flexibility of WunderGraph without the need for infrastructure. Generous limits that allow your developers to focus on building amazing products.

GraphQL inside, but what you expose is up to you

The Virtual Graph gives you complete access to all your data sources through GraphQL. To expose an API, simply select the data and the type of API you'd like to create.

Built for developers

WunderGraph can be run completely through CLI commands, so it easily integrates with your dev workflows. With one command, developers can expose their APIs in seconds.

No vendor lock-in

Retain your flexibility in choosing your data sources as well as the infrastructure you run it on. If you have an existing AWS set-up, you can also run WunderGraph Cloud there and still benefit from all the features.


Stop tightly coupling your database to your frontend

Hasura's architecture tightly couples your database to your frontend, which is a nightmare in the long run. WunderGraph sovles this problem with a TypeScript Middleware / BFF approach.

Instant GraphQL for any database

Similarly to Hasura, WunderGraph gives you instant realtime GraphQL APIs for your databases. But unlike Hasura, you have full control over the exposed API layer, allowing you to decouple your frontend from your database.

Powerful TypeScript middleware

Customizing Hasura with actions is a nightmare. WunderGraph gives you native TypeScript support to write your own middleware, customize authentication, authorization and more.

Client code generation included

WunderGraph doesn't stop at the API layer. We also generate TypeScript client code for your frontend, which handles data access, authentication and file uploads out of the box.

WunderGraph Cloud provides a platform as a service (PaaS) to integrate your data sources and expose fully secured APIs. It's more flexible, developer-oriented and cost-effective than Hasura.

Generous limits

WunderGraph Cloud comes with transparent and generous limits on build time and traffic. Our pricing model based on flat fees allows for a straight-forward budget planning.

Unlimited team size

We ecnourage bringing more users on board to collaborate on your projects, which is why there is no limit on seats.


Preview environments allow you to deploy multiple branches, or to reflect your deployment process from staging to production.

Custom logic

There is no limit on custom code you can add to your instance. Whatever it is you're building, deploy your functions on WunderGraph Cloud.

Rate Limiting

If you need to control the traffic flowing through your APIs, enable custom limits to prevent over-usage.


Find out what is happening with your services and connect additional analytics tools with OpenTelemetry.

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