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WunderGraph for FullStack Developers

Published: 2022-05-24

FullStack Developers are a special category of people, not just responsible for a part of the stack but instead they manage both the backend and the frontend. Many of them even do DevOps and also act as SRE, meaning that they not just build the whole application, but also deploy it and make sure it's running.

Being responsible gives you a lot of power but also responsibility. Having to build, maintain, operate and ship everything can also be a burden.

That's why many FullStack developers are looking for solutions that help you automate the process of building apps.

WunderGraph is an excellent choice for FullStack Developers because it does a few things differently from every tool and framework you know, aimed to deliver that perfect end-to-end Developer Experience. WunderGraph is opinionated in that it abstracts away all the boring parts of web app development while leaving you enough room to customize.

How is WunderGraph different from other Frameworks dedicated to FullStack Developers?#

We're very opinionated in how we expose APIs, however, were very open to what can actually be turned into a WunderGraph API.

You're able to plug your PostgreSQL or MySQL compatible database into WunderGraph and generate an API from it in just one line of code. If you've already got an existing API or want to fully customize it, you're able to use GraphQL or REST APIs.



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