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Overview of wundergraph.config.ts

Published: 2022-06-27

WunderGraph is all about Infrastructure as Code. You can configure any aspect of your WunderGraph applications using code.

The file wundergraph.config.ts is the central point of configuration. It allows you to configure all aspects of your WunderGraph APIs. From introspection to API transformations, mocking, code generation, etc., all these can be configured using the wundergraph.config.ts file.

As the name suggests, it's written in TypeScript, allowing you to write typesafe configurations with full autocompletion support.

Why is this amazing? From introspection to the way you build up your GraphQL Schema and configure all your Operations, the whole process is modeled as a pipeline using code. This means, you're able to customize any aspect.

You can add or remove APIs, depending on the environment you're in. You can add, remove or hide fields or types from the Schema. You can configure secrets, origins, API keys, etc. depending on the stage you're deploying to.

All this can happen within your Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline, e.g. through GitHub Actions.



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