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Configure S3 File Upload Providers

Published: 2022-05-24

WunderGraph supports S3 compatible storage providers so that users of WunderGraph Applications can easily upload files.

Find below an annotated wundergraph.config.ts file with two S3 providers configured:

s3UploadProvider: [
name: "minio", // a unique name for the storage provider
endpoint: "", // the S3 endpoint
accessKeyID: "test", // access key to upload files to the S3 bucket
secretAccessKey: "12345678", // access secret to upload files to the S3 bucket
bucketLocation: "eu-central-1", // the bucket location, some providers don't require it
bucketName: "uploads", // the bucket name to which you're uploading files
useSSL: false // disable SSL if you're running e.g. Minio on your local machine
name: "do", // second unique name for the storage provider
endpoint: "",
accessKeyID: "xxx",
secretAccessKey: "xxx",
bucketLocation: "eu-central-1", // ignore this setting on Digital Ocean
bucketName: "wundergraph-demo2",
useSSL: true // you should always enable SSL for cloud storage providers!

Once configured, wunderctl up should show the registration of the S3 storage provider without errors like so:

{"level":"debug","ts":"2021-10-18T12:04:30.362585+02:00","msg":"register S3 provider","provider":"minio"}
{"level":"debug","ts":"2021-10-18T12:04:30.362605+02:00","msg":"register S3 endpoint","path":"api/main/s3/minio/upload"}



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