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Configure Planetscale DataSource

Published: November 30, 2021

To configure Planetscale as a DataSource, you have to use introspection. Import the introspect function from the @wundergraph/sdk. It should be available if you have initialized your project with wunderctl init.

import {
} from "@wundergraph/sdk";
const api = introspect.planetscale({
apiNamespace: "db",
databaseURL: "mysql://",

Pass a valid databaseURL as an argument to introspect.planetscale. This gives you a Promise of an API object. This db object can now be passed to an Application. This way, you're able to combine the generated GraphQL API of the database with other APIs, e.g. a REST or another GraphQL API.

const myApplication = new Application({
name: "app",
apis: [



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