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wunderctl start

Published: 2022-06-27

When you're looking at running WunderGraph in production, you'll want to start the WunderGraph server but leave out code-generation and watching the directory for changes.

In this case, you can use the wunderctl start command.

wunderctl start should be run from the .wundergraph/generated directory.

Contrary to wunderctl up, this command is not going to "generate" any more code. That's why you start it from the generated directory and not the wundergraph root directory.


It's a requirement to run wunderctl start inside a valid WunderGraph project directory. You can use the commands wunderctl init and wunderctl generate to init a new project and generate the configuration files.



The host:post combination to listen on. Defaults to: localhost:9991


Path to the WunderGraph directory. Defaults to: .

(current directory)


Overrides the hooks entrypoint. The default entrypoint is a dynamic path, made up of: {wundergraph-dir}/generated/bundle/hooks.js

If the hooks file is in a different place for some reason, you can override the default entrypoint.



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