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wunderctl Overview

Published: 2022-06-27

wunderctl is the Command Line Interface to manage your WunderGraph Applications. From scaffolding a new project to deploying your application to production, wunderctl is your tool of choice.

To install wunderctl, please refer to the install docs.

Available Commands#

wunderctl init#

Helps you initialize a new WunderGraph Application, supporting multiple templates.

Read more about wunderctl init.

wunderctl up#

Starts the dev environment of your WunderGraph Application.

Read more about wunderctl up.

wunderctl start#

Starts a WunderGraph Application in production mode.

Read more about wunderctl start.

wunderctl generate#

Runs the code generation command for your WunderGraph Application.

Read more about wunderctl generate.

wunderctl version#

Returns the current version of wunderctl. This is useful for debugging and testing. When you encounter a problem or bug, please always include the output of this command when reporting the issue.

Read more about wunderctl version.



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