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WunderGraph Directives Overview

Published: September 09, 2021

Directives are a way of configuring the behaviour of your API straight from the Operation Definition.

Here's an example using two handy directives:

mutation (
$name: String! @fromClaim(name: NAME)
$email: String! @fromClaim(name: EMAIL)
$message: String! @jsonSchema(
pattern: "^[a-zA-Z 0-9]+$"
createOnepost(data: {message: $message user: {connectOrCreate: {where: {email: $email} create: {email: $email name: $name}}}}){
user {

This example uses the @fromClaim directive to inject Claims into the operation. Additionally, it's using the @jsonSchema directive to set a Regex pattern for the $message variable.

@fromClaim Directive#

Using this directive, you're able to inject Claims into an Operation. (read more)

@jsonSchema Directive#

With this directive, you're able to configure input validation rules for the Operation. (read more)


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