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Published: 2022-05-24

To make it easy for you to debug WunderGraph APIs from your local machine or deploy your APIs to production, we provide you the WunderGraph command line interface "wunderctl".

Initialize projects using WunderGraph templates#

Init bare bones project#

This template is a very good starting point for every project.

wunderctl init

Init NextJS starter project#

If you'd like to start a new NextJS project, this template comes with some additional boilerplate to get you started easily.

wunderctl init --template nextjs-starter

Init GitHub actions deployment pipeline#

Use the github deploy action template if you want to deploy your WunderGraph APIs using github actions.

wunderctl init --template github-deploy-action

Local Debugging#

Run this command from your .wundergraph directory.

wunderctl up

If you want additional debugging information:

wunderctl up --debug

Deploy a WunderGraph API#

Run this command from your .wundergraph directory.

wunderctl deploy



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