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Local Development

Published: 2022-05-24

Modern technologies like Serverless are easy to scale in the cloud but make it hard to develop on your local machine.

Emulators are simply not capable of delivering the same look and feel as if you were running your application in the could.

As we've stated in various places, we're using WunderGraph to build WunderGraph. One of our prime directives is that we ourselves want the best possible developer experience, even on localhost.

For that reason, we've built WunderGraph in a way that enables developers to easily build WunderGraph applications on their local machine.

Once you have a WunderGraph application initialized you're able to start your local dev environment with one single command:

wunderctl init
cd .wundergraph
wunderctl up --debug

That's all it takes to run your own full blown WunderGraph dev environment. The console will spit out a lot of useful information if you add the --debug flag.



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