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Your first WunderGraph Application - Overview

Published: November 23, 2021

This guilde helps you to build your first WunderGraph application from scratch and goes through the whole process from initializing a project to shipping it into production. You should be able to get meaningful results within 5 minutes. Following all the way through until we push into production should take about 30 minutes.

In this example, we'll build an application that shows data from the SpaceX GraphQL API, Cached on the Edge, as well as a Realtime Weather Stream, provided by an API that doesn't offer a real-time API itself. WunderGraph adds this capability automatically. We'll also explore typesafe mocking as well as authentication aware data fetching.


Before we dive into building, let's first talk about the target architecture of our application.

On the left, we have the NextJS Application alongside the generated WunderGraph client. Using the client, the application can securely talk to a WunderNode via JSON-RPC. Side-by-side with the WunderNodes, we have an Edge Cache to cache responses as close to your users as possible.

On the right, we have our two origin servers, a SpaceX GraphQL API as well as a weather API. These two APIs represent our API dependencies in this scenario. Using the WunderGraph SDK, we combine both APIs into a virtual GraphQL Schema.

The WunderNode is responsible to resolve the JSON-RPC requests from the client, enforce Authentication & Authorization and cache response if configured.



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