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WunderGraph Strategies

Published: 2022-06-27

WunderGraph Strategies is a collection of strategies to solve common problems when building WunderGraph Applications.

Inject Short-Lived Token into Upstream Requests#

Use this strategy to inject a short-lived token into upstream requests. Read more about here

Expose a GraphQL API from WunderGraph#

This strategy explains how to expose a GraphQL API from WunderGraph and why you should NOT use it. Read more about here

Using JSON Columns with a custom GraphQL Schema#

In this strategy, we're explaining how you an use JSON columns for data storage while being able to use a custom GraphQL schema for the inputs and response types instead of the default JSON scalar.

Signing Requests before sending them to the upstream#

Some services, like AWS Appsync don't allow you to send unauthenticated requests. If you're trying to make "backend" requests without a JWT from the user, you have to sign the request.

This Strategy can be used to sign requests.



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