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Getting Started - Quickstart

Published: 2022-05-24

Open up a terminal and copy & paste the following lines.

yarn global add @wundergraph/wunderctl@latest
mkdir wg-demo && cd wg-demo
wunderctl init --template nextjs-starter
yarn && yarn dev

This will initialize our NextJS Demo Environment so that you can try WunderGraph on your local machine in less than a minute.

Join us on Discord!#

Installing all packages might take some time. You'll probably have some questions when playing around with WunderGraph.

While the installation runs, why not join us on discord so we can have a chat later.

We'd love to hear your opinion or help you with questions!


This example demonstrates 5 core concepts of WunderGraph.

  • Easy typesafe data fetching
  • Typesafe Mocking
  • Edge Caching
  • Authentication aware data fetching
  • Realtime Subscriptions


Next Steps#

The Quickstart helps you to get a better understanding of the concepts of WunderGraph. Once you've tried them out and feel a bit more comfortable, why not try out one of our Starter Kits? They help you to stand up new projects, e.g. NextJS with PostgreSQL and Prisma Migrate to quickly build a Full Stack Web Application.



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