Supported DataSources

WunderGraph allows your to combine multiple DataSources of different protocols and formats into a single virtual GraphQL schema. This schema can then be used to define the contract of a WunderGraph application.

This is a list of supported DataSources.


All APIs that support the GraphQL specification are allowed.

Introspection is possible using a GraphQL introspection Query or by providing a string, containing the SDL.

GraphQL Federation#

APIs that implement the GraphQL Federation specification are allowed. WunderGraph automatically composes federated GraphQL APIs.

WunderGraph provides the only API gateway to support Subscriptions using Federation.

It's possible to combine federated GraphQL APIs with other APIs.

Introspection works the same as with non-federated GraphQL APIs.


APIs that implement the OAS/Swagger specification are allowed, too.

Introspection is possible by providing an OAS/Swagger JSON file.

OAS APIs get transformed into a virtual GraphQL API to make it easy to use them alongside other APIs.