Installation | wundergraph
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The WunderGraph Node has very few system requirements. It can be installed on a local laptop, a virtual machine or dedicated hardware.

The machine that the Node is deployed to will need:

  • Docker installed (optional docker-compose)
  • Internet access (to pull configurations from the WunderGraph platform)
  • etcd3 database (for local distributed session storage)
  1. Create a docker network
  2. Start your etcd database
  3. Configure your WunderNode
  4. Start the Gateway

1. Create a docker network

docker network create wundergraph

2. Start etcd

docker run -itd \
--name etcd \
--rm \
--network wundergraph \

3. Configure WunderNode

As this is a quickstart, we will go with the simplest configuration option. For further configuration options, see the Gateway Configuration Reference

For this step, you will need to copy your development WunderNode secret from the WunderGraph Console.

docker pull wundergraph/wundernode:latest && \
docker run -it \
--rm \
--name wundernode \
--network wundergraph \
-p 8040:8040 \