The simplicity of RPC withthe power of GraphQL

WunderGraph is an open source framework that allows you to
quickly build end-to-end typesafe APIs on any backend.

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Compose your backend

Transform your databases, services, file storage, identity providers and 3rd party APIs into your own Firebase-like Developer Toolkit in seconds, without getting locked into a specific vendor.

Build backends faster

Configure WunderGraph with TypeScript, introspect your databases, services or 3rd-party APIs and get instant, typesafe API clients, including auth and file uploads.

Batteries included

Generate types, clients and schemas with fast and powerful code generation. SWR, React Query, JSON Schema, Zod, and more.

No vendor lock-in

Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and inrastructure. WunderGraph is fully open source and vendor agnostic.


Create and call operations

Write Graphql or Typescript operations against any service, and turn your frontend framework into a full-stack powerhouse with confidence and speed.

End-to-end type safety

Changes in your APIs are instantly reflected in the client, and you get full autocompletion support in your editor, leaving no room for guess work.

Framework agnostic

The auto-generated clients work with your language and frameworks of choice. Create fast and reliable user experiences across platforms.


Launch and iterate

Deploy your API globally in seconds with WunderGraph Cloud.
Fast, secure and no DevOps required.

A workflow for developers

Git Push to automatically deploy your API to our serverless cloud. Fully configurable in TypeScript, never worry about infrastructure again.

Built-in monitoring

Optimize your operations and deployments through valuable insights, such as traffic, error rate, latency and more.

Scale globally to millions

Launch your API in a weekend, scale globally to a million users. Multi-region deployments, edge caching and geo load balancing.


From idea to IPO
We got your back(end)

WunderGraph gives you all the tools to build modern, scalable APIs.


Build realtime and fully reactive applications with ease, by turning your queries into live queries.

WunderGraph fully supports (federated) Graphql subscriptions.


Compatible with all identity providers through OIDC or JWT. Including self hosted solutions like NextAuth.js

HTTP Layer Caching

Configure Cache-Control headers and stale-while-revalidate for your operations.

WunderGraph will apply the necessary headers, including ETags for efficient content revalidation.


With WunderGraph your GraphQL APIs are exposed using a secure JSON-RPC API, protecting you from common vulnerabilities like parsing, normalisation, DoS attacks, GraphQL SQL Injections and much more.


Our GraphQL engine is designed from the start to end for performance. The AST, planning and execution is optimised in hot code paths to make things fast.

A modern workflow

WunderGraph combines the API gateway and BFF patterns to create a unique workflow that provides a great developer experience at any scale.

Designed with single goal in mind, achieving the best possible Developer Experience.

Cross-API joins

Combine data from independent APIs into a single operation.


Protect your operations using Role Based Access Controls (RBAC).

Postman collections

Auto-generated Postman collections for debugging APIs.

Type safety everywhere

From config to API consumption, everything is 100% typesafe.

Configuration as code

Configure your WunderGraph Gateway only using Code.

Typesafe mocking

Mock your operations by simply implementing a function.

Enterprise solutions

Deploy WunderGraph on our managed cloud or on-premises with dedicated support from our team of specialists.

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Programmable API Gateway

Reduce complexity of your infrastructure while increasing productivity of teams. Make your API Gateway configuration part of your codebase.Read more

Universal API Management

Use our powerful TypeScript SDK to configure and manage your APIs, no matter what standards you use, gRPC, REST, GraphQL or Kafka.Read more

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CLI Quickstart

Get started quickly by using `create-wundergraph-app`.
This CLI tool allows you to create new projects from our growing list of examples.

Deploy your first WunderGraph App in minutes

Choose an example and deploy to WunderGraph Cloud for free.